About CEO Kevin Davis

I don’t usually be a person to ever want to take pictures because I was so insecure about myself.

-But God

-God built me up

-God took me out my comfort zone.

- God Gave me family who supports me.

Even people I don’t even know chooses to support me on my journey.

Because of God and his love, he has opened up doors for me that I never thought happen. I am a mentor, photographer, videographer, business man, and soon to be youtuber and I am an ambassador for beautiful clothing brands. I’m an author who will inspire people to be the best version of themselves. On top of that I also have my own clothing brand. I never thought i would ever be interested in fashion but when God says old things are passed away he really mean that. Old mindset and old way of imagination and thinking is gone. Don’t take life for granted guys. Live and love every moment. God bless you all.

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