The Father

Some may believe they have no father 

Because they grew up without one.

Not knowing God is The father.

God, the father, at times

Would send a man

To plant the seed to bring you into

This world but, if he wasn't meant 

to stay

He was not chosen to be your father.

God is the father of all.

His plans are not ours

Man makes plans but God ordered steps.

God planned our lives before

He put us in our mother's womb

 Even when things seem dark

God shows us the light.

I learned this for a reason

Cause someday I may have 

To teach this to someone

God brought me through darkness 

And showed me the light.

I'm very blessed as a young man of God.

Therefore, I put all my trust into

The Father, The Lord and Savior

Jesus Christ. 

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